UI/UX and Web applications

If you are going to build reliable, scalable enterprise level web applications you need two things:


1.  Great UI/UX

2. Someone who can implement that design.

Broscorp is a company that combines these two parts together. 


1. UI/UX design

You may not know but properly designing user flows, decreasing amount of clicks needed to perform the operation, proper positioning and coloring of controls could tremendously increase the conversion. So we do try to understand the business as better as possible and analyze typical clients behavior to properly design the look&feel. 

Take a look at what we did so far: https://dribbble.com/keyzeedesign 

2. Proper architecture

Even if something bad happens ( network outage, disk failure) your web application should be up and running otherwise you'll lose money or clients. Which is the same in the end. By properly designing the architecture and splitting it to microservice we can ensure that even outage of one part will allow other parts to work properly.


3. A fast and reliable persistence layer

Nowadays it's not enough to choose any first RDBMS. First, you have to analyze data model,  analyze your SLA's, figure out typical usage, approximate the amount of storage needed, choose between high availability of consistency depends on your needs. Depends on all mentioned factors we can propose you the best persistence solution like Mysql, Postgres, MongoDB, HDFS, Cassandra, HP Vertica.


4. Reliable frontend technologies

Of course, if you build your own blog or landing page you shouldn't care too much about it. But if we talking about enterprise level application which means that you should care about maintainability, scalability, low level of entry to the code, test coverage. All those things couldn't be ensured by picking any new unreliable JS framework which makes a lot of hype but has been never used in production. So our choice is Angular family and Typescript. When you need to maintain and easily debug nothing could compare with type checked languages. So we adore Typescript. Any developer who knows OOP could easily understand and maintain such code.


5. Backend technologies

We are the group of Java developers with a bit of Scala experience. We strongly believe that for the serious platform the only solution is compilable, type-checked languages with enterprise-level support.  Our choice for the backend is Java8/9 along with Spring Framework.  We are using this stack for backend development for years and we know how to extract maximum performance out of this pair.


6. CI/CD

We are fans of the agile way of developing. In order to constantly deliver the latest client demands, we have to be carefully delivering new code. So we do Continuous integration which means, building the full codebase, running unit test then integration tests ensuring that last merges didn't break anything. After that step, we are deploying the latest code changes to the Continuous delivery environment so our client immediately could see the latest changes and provide feedback as fast as possible.  


7. Testing

Testing is in our genome. Every piece of code that could possibly break we are covering with tests. Both on UI and Backend side. That couldn't give you 100% confidence that everything runs correctly. So our experienced QA checking that newly implemented User story is correct and fit the requirements.