All-in-one trading solution for crypto markets



If you are a trader or a custody service then you have everyday activities like you need to take care of the price of your assets, different currencies are listed on different exchanges, trends of markets. Also, you have to be aware of security issues all traders have all over the world. Broscorp has collected experience to build an application that can automate your everyday tasks and put your trading business to the next level of efficiency.

Efficiency, Performance and Security:

The best user experience you can achieve when your application is:

  1. Running smoothly and without lags.

  2. Secure so you don't worry about your personal data, wallet keys and beloved Bitcoin to be stolen.

  3. Gives you the best tools to track your results.



With our All-in-one trading solution you can:

1. Trade on different exchanges at a time

2. Gives permissions to your traders assigning different wallets

3. Tracking results of your traders and get real-time analysis on how to perform better.

4. Get a fine-grained control over your assets over different exchanges and wallets.