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GoodFirms Announces Broscorp Among the Top Companies in Big Data Analytics

Broscorp gets ranked by a reputed B2B research and review platform for offering exceptional Big Data analytics services.

About Broscorp

Founded in 2016, this Ukrainian based company provides smart and creative IT solutions to companies. The team of skilled professionals at Broscorp is known to build customized software that helps clients boost productivity. Moreover, with a strong group of Java developers, testing is a part of their genome.

About GoodFirms' Research Process

GoodFirms is a Washington DC based research and reviews platform that analyzes and ranks IT companies based on three crucial parameters - Reliability, Quality, and Ability. Further, these parameters are divided into metrics like total experience of the firm in the given category, market penetration, feedback of past clients, designing skills and portfolio. This Washington DC based research platform mainly aims at bridging the gap between service providers and consumers.

About Broscorp in GoodFirms Review

1. Data Analytics

Broscorp has been listed among the top Data Analytics Companies globally by GoodFirms for its persistent services in Big Data Analysis. Broscorp helps companies to find intelligent solutions to the problems. They build new tools or configure existent tools like Prometheus, Graphite, Datadog, etc.

The research scorecard of Broscorp for its services in Big data Analytics is as shown below:

2. Web Designing

Broscorp designs attractive websites for its customers as they believe in providing the best solutions that can attract more customers to their websites and increase the conversion rate. Broscorp has proven to its customers to have the best web designing team and is soon expected to be listed by GoodFirms under top web designers.

3. Software Development

Software Development is an integral part of the IT services and development. Broscorps’ work in software development ranging from the web to mobile software development and iOS and Android app development to Smart Wearable Gadgets. Their vast experience in developing varied software caught GoodFirms attention.

A customer reviewed the company for Broscorp’s raving services and said,

“We have engaged broscorp for close to 2 years now on several big data projects dealing with custom software development in the areas of data collection, ingestion, enrichment as well as User Interface Design. They have always exceeded expectations and delivered in time and within budget. They are highly conscientious and will always deliver more than expected if the project calls for it and when time permits. Highly Recommended.”

-Ronald Cho, Vice President | Sales and Business Development at Inovvo

Looking at these factors and consistent performance by Broscorp in software development, it is soon expected to be ranked among top Custom Software Development Companies.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in ranking the Big data and software development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

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