Mobile development​


1) iOS development (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AppleTV apps)
Our team has immense experience in development for Apple Ecosystem. We’ve made dozens of apps for iOS, watchOS, and the brand new tvOS. Why exactly Apple? It’s no secret. iOS users  are the most willing users to spend money and make purchases. All mobile revenue shares in 20/80: 20% — Android and 80% — iOS. History shows that such companies as Uber, Instagram, Airbnb started right from iOS app.


2) Android development (phones and tablets)
Android currently has the largest global platform share (about 80%), with a particular prominence in lower income areas and developing nations. Because Android as an operating system is open source, it gives developers deeper access to the operating system itself. It’s a reason why certain apps may only be able to be on Android.

3) Wearables (smart watches, fitness trackers, e-Health devices)
People use wearable devices every day, almost 24/7. It’s a great opportunity to communicate with a user as more as you need. We develop tools for fitness, graphics, games, and media. Let your users control their home, contact friends, and even pay, right from their wrists.