Business intelligence


It was a long time ago when business was driven blindly, making decisions and choosing direction based on emotions. The only thing you can rely on is your luck and intuition in this case. Nowadays fact-driven way is what you need to be sure you are not playing in dice. Broscorp has collected deep experience in collecting, processing, transforming and visualizing data giving you insights that boost your business.  We know how to deal with real-time systems and we are dare enough to treat Big data properly.


So what we can do:


1. First step of any data processing is to read data from the source. We have worked with many different types of input sources like:

  • Simple filesystems

  • Fetching files over SSH

  • Reading messages directly from Apache Kafka or ActiveMQ


2. Second step is to extract this data, transform it and load efficiently. In short it's called ETL. There are many challenges while building the ETL. It should handle big amounts of data, be reliable and cost efficient. We have build few different ETL's:

  • based on Apache Nifi

  • based on Apache Spark

  • based on Apache Storm


3. Third step is about storage. When you transformed the data you have to store it in the efficient storage. Choosing the right storage is a crucial part of the whole data processing solution.

We have built storages based on next technologies:

  • HP Vertica

  • IBM Netezza

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Amazon RDS


4. Final step is to visualize the data.  This solution should enable an instant access to the data otherwise it's wasting space on the hard drives.

We have built solutions based on:

  • Fully custom dashboards

  • Tableau

  • PowerBI


There is no right solution in data analysis world. Each case is unique and we have enough experience to find the right set of tools and technologies to give you instant access to your data.

Tell us about your data flow and we will design a tailor-made, efficient and reliable pipeline with fancy dashboards.